February 2015 - Chester County Shotokan Karate Club

Dojo Etiquette – A Basic Review

buy gabapentin for dogs Entering the dojo
The first lesson you will ever learn once you have been accepted into any karate school is how to enter and exit the dojo properly. Every dojo has a designated “front” of the dojo, this is referred to as the “Shomen” and regardless of how many times you enter or leave the dojo during the course of […]

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Senpai/Kohai Relationship

follow Thank you to Sensei Hoffman for providing the subject and content for this blog post.
 I’d (Sensei Hoffman) like to convey some thoughts about the concept of Senpai and Kohai and its importance in Japanese society. It’s crucial that, as a student of Japanese karate, you understand the senpai/kohai system and all it entails. We should not […]

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